April 26, 2022


Sometimes, the way someone behaves when representing their business (or someone else’s) tells you everything you need to know about a person, their values, and if you would or should work with them.


We recently got to encounter quite a strange scenario. One I was yet to navigate, as a business owner or a boss. Occasionally, we will reach out to businesses if we think we may be a good fit to help. It’s not our usual MO. But, one of our goals is to assist as many small business owners as possible. So if we think it’s a good fit, we’ll extend our hand. 

We contacted them via email directly. No spam. Nothing weird. Just a personal email, business owner to business owner saying “Hey, you’re doing great! But we know how hard it is to juggle everything and we think we could help. No pressure. But we’re here for a free chat if you’d like.” And we mean that.

The response we got was nothing short of shocking and almost hilarious – no, seriously. After the initial *gasp* we did laugh about it.  

We received an email from another local ‘agency’ (we’ll not mention names, coz’ we’re better than that) Passive aggressively telling us their ‘client didn’t need, nor are they interested in, any of our services’ 

Bold statement, considering a) you are not your client, and b) I highly doubt they are actually aware of our offerings to make such a claim. But! That wasn’t the bit that got us. The real kicker. Was where said local agency owner, thought it appropriate to forward us an email from their apparently very confused client. Who said something like ” What do they want, what do I say? They have done work for a competitor and it’s ‘nothing special ” 

Firstly. What an interesting thing for someone to do, to expose their client and their interal conversations like this. Knowing this response and behaviour, do you think I would now ever use or recommend their business? No, of course not. Not the agency or the small business we reached out too. So while it’s their job to represent this small business and help them drive sales. They have now done the complete opposite. We’re also pretty sure this would probably break any client confidentially agreements they have in place… Well, we hope they have in place… 

Secondly. IM CONFUSED. What do you mean, “What do I do, what do I say.” You simply say, “Hey. Thanks for the offer. But I’m good.” 

That simple.  

If you don’t like our work, That’s ok. I don’t expect you to understand or like everything we do. Each thing we create is for THAT business owner. What we create for YOU, will be totally different. 


After this we did a little more digging, and it became apparent that this ‘agency’ has a bit of a history for this kind of behaviour, which more than anything makes us really sad. That business owners are jumping into relationships with people who are essentially an extension of their business who don’t necessarily align with their personal or business values. This ‘agency’ has openly bullied and defamed other local businesses online. It’s contacted other business owners asking them to limit business or stop ‘going after’ their clientele. When in fact, the clientele have reached out for help from others. 

I guess the question I pose or point of this very long story time is:

  1. Make sure who you jump into business bed with aligns with who you are, what you value and where your business is going.
  2. Secondly, the best reaction is always to take the high road. Plot and plan every low road option possible if you need to, laugh about it with your friends. Then climb that hill, take the long way and let karma take care of everything else. 

There are a million ways I could have responded to that business/es. 

But this seemed way more fun and on brand 😉 

PS: Hi guys, if you’re reading…