Why You Should Still Invest In Marketing Even When You’re ‘Booked Out’

March 11, 2022


We hear it time and time again.

“I don’t need a website. I’m booked out without one!”

“We’re already so busy. We don’t need to be on social media.”

“I’ll be in touch when things get quiet!”

Hard truth bomb for you… that’s not really how marketing works! Which is why we’re here to tell you, Why You Should Still Invest In Marketing Even When You’re ‘Booked Out’.

It’s like saying you don’t need insurance because no one has hit your car yet!

Why not ride the wave and while business is booming, give your clients and customers even MORE VALUE in the form of top-notch social content and a beautiful, functional website?

But why?!

  • Digital Marketing is ESSENTIAL for establishing positive client/customer relationships and nurturing repeat customers which are worth so much to your business.
  • When everything goes south, having more demand than supply means that you’re already ahead and don’t have to play catch up!
  • When we say, ‘ride the wave’, we’re talking about riding momentum already built up and not having to build momentum from nothing! This is so important for when you are releasing new products or services. If you already have an engaged audience, they’ll be all over your release and will be the first to purchase!
  • You probably will have more $$ to invest in marketing in your busy seasons (psst… marketing isn’t a free exercise!)
  • “Marketing is food, not medicine.” We LOVE this quote. Marketing should be regular and sustained, keeping you around and being utilised daily.
  • Everyone is looking for a bit of stability and a likely future for their business. By investing in marketing, you’re planting seeds for future growth and not leaving your business’ future to chance.

We have a challenge for you. Next time a big surge of cash comes into your pocket, instead of thinking about splurging it on a new service or product, consider establishing an ongoing home for your brand (i.e. a website) or investing in other digital marketing, to keep the business coming in and the waves high! And we get it! When you’re busy, writing a social media post or customising a website template is the last thing on your mind! But that’s what we’re here for. To take some of the pressure off, and let you do more of what you love, while we do what we love… and are quite good at, might I say! 😉

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