Social Media Marketing 101: The Content Pillars

August 12, 2022


We’re going back to basics today because we want to talk about something that’s pretty important to grasp if you want to be successful when using social media for your business. Whilst content is king and video is the way of the future, all of this can’t exist without the content pillars.

What are the Content Pillars and why should I use them?

The content pillars are five ‘pillars’ or focus categories for any and all content you distribute online. All of your content will fit into one of these pillars:
– Promotional
– Educational
– Entertainment
– Community
– Engagement

They create the foundation for your content strategy and provide purpose to content creation. Put simply, when you use the content pillars, what you put out online has more meaning and value to your audience.

What do these pillars mean?

Promotional-  Content about your product/services. I.e. Sale promotions, information on offers or posts about key selling points.

Educational – Informative content about your niche that establishes you as an expert in your field. I.e. infographics, tips and tricks, and industry secrets!

Entertainment – Content that entertains your audience and creates another avenue for you to connect with them and show your personality! I.e. funny reels, memes, jokes, behind the scenes)

Community – Share what’s happening in the community or your niche! I.e. industry updates, latest trends, resharing and supporting other local businesses

Engagement – Content that creates opportunity for your audience to engage and actively participate! I.e. polls, questions, “Comment below if…”, “Tag someone who…”

Some tips for using the Content Pillars

  • The pillars are not mutually exclusive, meaning one piece of content can fit under multiple pillars
  • It’s a good idea to make sure you’re using different content mediums and platforms within each pillar, depending on your target audience! I.e. reels, graphics, static posts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • Try to share the love between pillars! For example, if you have five posts in a week, make sure each post is from each different pillar

So if you’re looking to level up your online content, are constantly stuck for content ideas and/or want to give even more VALUE to your audience, come back to the pillars and build something great! 😉

Or alternatively, we could do it for you! Book a call to get started today.