November 19, 2019


Do you think someone viewing your content on different platforms would know that it all came from the same brand? It is so important to develop an authentic brand tone of voice because brands with strong, consistent voices are able to stand out from their competitors and connect with potential clients.

Your brand’s voice is what everyone should see and hear whenever and wherever they come across your product or service. It is your clear voice that drives all content, from both offline marketing materials to social media and customer service. Oh, and don’t forget about product packaging, stationery, and all those other things!

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific ( recently shared 5 exercises to find your voice, and they were too good not to share! Check them out below.

  1. Personify your brand. It’s helpful to think of your brand as an actual person. What would this person look and sound like? Are they young, old, serious, or funny?
  2. Brainstorm adjectives. Think of 3 adjectives to describe your brand and culture. Compare them to see if any specific ideas have been repeated and use those as a pivot point for the voice.
  3. Go where your audience is. Search online to see where your target audiences spend time and examine how they talk to each other. While you can attempt to speak in the same way, take care not to lean too heavily on mimicry or it will sound inauthentic.
  4. Choose your ideal spokesperson. Celebrities or influencers are a popular way to quickly give a brand an identifiable voice. Select who you think would best represent your business and examine why you chose them.
  5. Read it aloud. When you’ve written some content, read it out loud to yourself or to an audience. If any part sounds awkward, the voice isn’t right for your brand.

If you’re struggling with the whole brand tone thing, we are killer brand builders and love working with people no matter where they are in their brand journey! If you want to know more about booking in a consult, shoot me a message!