March 1, 2020


Any Pinterest fans out there? Then, you’d know how much of a game-changer it is for business. It’s honestly one of the best tools you can use if you’re serious about driving traffic back to your website. It’s funny because I’m not actually active on the platform just yet. I’ve only just realised how powerful it truly is. So much so, it’s on the top of my agenda for 2020, as are a lot of other exciting things!

I actually want to highlight the new Pinterest Uploader feature that Planoly only launched at the end of last year. This feature comes after the release of their Pin Planner feature back in September 2019.

For those of you new to Planoly, it’s basically a visual planning tool that allows you to upload, plan, and curate content to publish onto multiple platforms. We use it daily here at the Paragon Collective office for all of our client social media scheduling needs. It works a treat!

Basically, their Pin Planner is a planning feature for your Pinterest content. It allows you to upload Pins, plan, and schedule in advance from the Planoly dashboard. You can also review your analytics for impressions, saves, and link clicks. Their latest feature, the Pinterest Uploader, is a web extension for Chrome and Safari that aims to ease the way you curate and save content. It allows you to upload content to your Pin Planner and schedule multiple Pins at a time.

Note that to use these tools, you must have a Planoly account and a current Pinterest account authenticated with Planoly.

How can this extension help you:

  1. Click on the “Plan it” icon on any image as you browse and upload to Planoly’s Pin Planner to plan immediately, or simply schedule for a future date.
  2. The web extension will pick up the web page title and populate the Pin Title field. Simply use any image description to populate the Pin Description field.
  3. You can select which board you want to post to, as well as the date and time.
  4. If you do not wish to schedule, simply hit the “save” button, and the image will be saved to your library dashboard in Planoly’s Pin Planner.

It’s as simple as that! Pinterest is incredibly powerful when it comes to generating traffic and increasing views on your website. It’s definitely time to start maximising its features ASAP.