February 3, 2020


Tune in! This feature is solid gold! I can hear a few of you asking “What exactly is an IG shop, how will it help me to grow my business, and how can I set one up?”. Well, basically, an IG shop allows you to integrate your entire product catalog with your IG profile. This in turn, allows you to market and sell your products directly to your followers (and potential customers) via a number of different IG features including posts, stories, and the shop tab.

Now, before you start, you will need to have a FB shop because IG actually pulls your product info from FB to create your IG shop. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Create an entirely new product listing by manually uploading all of your product info to your FB business page; OR
  2. Sync your e-commerce website (such as Shopify) to your FB business page

Once you have your FB shop setup, it’s time to dive into the juicy steps of getting your IG shop up and running!
Step 1: Your IG account and business must:

  • Comply with the merchant agreement and commerce policies. Use Google to obtain a copy;
  • Be converted into a business account (if not already);
  • Be connected to a FB page; and
  • Primarily sell physical goods

Step 2: Once you fulfil the above requirements, your can submit your account for review. To do this go to your profile’s settings > business > sign up for shopping and follow the prompts. Note that it usually takes a few days for IG to review your application.

Step 3: If you’ve been approved, you will receive a notification from IG and can start setting up your IG shop. To do this go to your profile’s settings > business > shopping.

Congratulations, you now have an IG shop! You can now begin tagging your products!