October 7, 2019


Though you may “have” an IG or FB page, it is essentially rented space. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your handles don’t actually belong to you!This means you have no control over what happens in the future…you know…if Mark Zuckerberg decided to shut up shop or move people to another unknown platform!So, if you currently don’t have a mailing list, or if you’re looking to organically grow your list, lead magnets (AKA freebies or opt-ins) are your answer.

Put simply, I’m telling you to stop putting all of your eggs in the social media basket and to focus on expanding your horizon. After all, lead magnets are an excellent way to gain prospective customer and client contact information and send them on a journey. The aim of the game is to send your customer or client through a marketing funnel, which looks at generating leads and converting prospect.

If you follow my lead (magnet – ha!), you’ll be able to safeguard your followers and grow your business to the next level. Hell, you might even increase your sales! Sounds good right? Without going into too much detail, here’s a brief run down on what a lead magnet is and a few examples to get your brain ticking over.

Lead magnets are typically long-form content pieces that offer value and scream SIGN ME UP! They convert interest to sales baby! If you’re looking to create a lead magnet you can repurpose for future campaigns, consider the following examples:

  • Free software downloads;
  • Quiz or survey;
  • Checklist
  • YouTube videos;
  • Slideshows;
  • E-courses;
  • Cheat sheets;
  • How-to guides;
  • Product or service discounts;

…and the list goes on!

Of course, there are plenty more lead magnets you could create, but you should be able to get started on the above list for now. Alternatively, if you use trusty old Google and search ‘Lead Magnet Ideas’, you’ll find a huge sea of fish to catch! Depending on which lead magnet you decide to create and send out into the world, user-friendly tools such as Canva will allow you to create graphics for FREE that can be converted to a PDF if needed. Other handy tools include Loom, Typeform, Unsplash, and Gleam.

Have you ever created a lead magnet? What was it and what tools did you use? I’d love to hear more about it! Get in contact with me here. If this blog has been beneficial to you or could be for somebody you know, please share it!