September 23, 2019


“Should I or should I not schedule my social media content?” is one of the top questions we get asked here at Paragon Collective. And I completely understand why! My simple answer to this is YES, YOU SHOULD! Batching your content is something that can make your life a hell of a lot easier. Well, because nobody has time for that awful feeling that comes from not preparing your social media content in advance.

As a marketing manager or a small business owner, you’re often responsible for planning your social media content. Regardless of whether it’s physically you who undertakes the process, or if you choose to outsource it to an expert, there’s no doubt that being organised ahead of time and doing it correctly can do all sorts of magic for your brand.

Not only can it help you save time and increase your productivity, but it can also help you better optimise your social content, drive more traffic, and grow your business faster. Sounds incredible right?

Here are some tips on how to batch and schedule content.

  1. If you have evergreen content, you may want to consider recycling it. Write a blog for your website, turn it into an Instagram post, and create a story to showcase your post and drive your audience to engage with it.
  2. Use templates and infographics such as how-tos, testimonials, and products spotlights. This will save time when you aren’t feeling creative or have limited content to use. Plus, they go gang-busters for all those aspiring start-ups that follow you on social media!
  3. Set a time limit. Create as much content as you can in 60 minutes, and if you get stuck, leave it and come back to it when your creativity is flowing again.
  4. Use a scheduling app. For Instagram, Planoly is hands down my favourite. For those business owners that have a specific colour scheme, this is the app for you! Other scheduling apps include Later, Buffer, Sprout Social, and many more!

If you want to be ahead of the pack when it comes to landing the clients and making the sales, you need to get ahead with your content! By implementing one or all of the tips above, it won’t be long before you start feeling more relaxed in the social media atmosphere. That awful feeling of not knowing what to post will organically disappear and you’ll soon be scheduling your posts like a pro!