May 27, 2019


Let’s dive straight in with some questions. Tell me –

  1. Do you believe you need to be posting more than once daily on your social media accounts?
  2. Are you posting content that you’re not very proud of, just for the sake of having a presence on social media?
  3. Is your content, that’s perhaps not of a very good quality, reflecting poorly on your business outcomes?

When using Instagram and Facebook to scale your business, it’s essential to gather an audience that is engaged and loyal to your brand. But how can you ensure engagement is fostered with your content and, in turn, help you to grow as a business using social media? Two simple words – quality content.

The point of asking the above questions is to highlight that when it comes to social media posts, quality beats quantity EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yes, it’s super easy to get caught up in the hype of social media and lose sight of what really matters to you and your business. But I’ve been there done that and learnt from my mistakes. It wasn’t a fun ride, but what I ended up with was a world of knowledge and insight into what NOT to do and what works best when it comes to social media management.

Today, I see so many small business owners that post just for the sake of posting, rather than posting with purpose. From today onwards, promise me that each piece of content you produce for social media should have a clear purpose, be authentic and provide value. Why? Because quality content:

  • Builds trust;
  • Strengthens your reputation;
  • Establishes your credibility;
  • Fosters engagement (likes, shares, comments); and
  • Positively impacts audience decision-making (leads to sales)

Sounds pretty magical right? Well sorry to burst your bubble but creating quality content is actually the complete opposite of that! It takes time, effort, and multiple resources to pull off. But don’t be discouraged. Here are few tips on how you can super-charge your content strategy:

  • Create and share client/customer testimonials or quotes using a branded template (Canva online is a fantastic tool for this!)
  • Thank your followers with a giveaway or downloadable freebie
  • Show the love with a #followfriday chain and showcase someone who you admire
  • Snap a selfie and show your followers the face behind the brand
  • Share a few unknown (and fun) facts about yourself
  • Spend time writing valuable captions that match your chosen image and that aim to spark inspiration, educate, and entertain
  • Offer a helpful tip or ask your followers for their advice or opinion on a hot topic
  • Allocate a few hours at the end of each week to snapping photos of your workspace, team, products, etc. This will create a photo bank you can choose from when the time comes to scheduling and curating content for your social media accounts
  • If budget permits or you simply suck at taking photos on your phone, invest in a professional photoshoot. I did and haven’t looked back.

If you’re still a bit confused about how to move the content goalposts, feel free to contact me about my social media and creative production services. I’m ready to help tell your story and deliver your business to a wider audience then you ever thought possible.