May 12, 2019


Most of my posts have been jam-packed, but for today’s topic, I’m going to keep it short, sharp and sweet.

If you’re like most small business owners or social media managers, you’ve recognised that you want your valuable content to show up in the feed for as many people as possible. But how do you know how many people actually saw your content? Because Reach and Impressions are so often confused, let’s break it down and figure out why these two metrics are vital to your social media marketing success.


Believe it or not, Reach is actually pretty simple! This metric gives you the total number of unique people who have viewed your content. If the same person (or account) sees your content multiple times, the reach stays at one.


On the other hand, Impressions are the total number of times your content has been seen and includes people who have viewed your content multiple times. For example, if the same person (or account) sees the same content four different times, this would equal four impressions. Wondering why should you pay particular attention to Impressions? They provide you with a strong indicator of how many times your content has been exposed on Facebook and Instagram! Measuring your impressions will help you understand what content is working (or not working). If the number isn’t exactly what you’d hoped for, it’s likely that you’re not providing valuable content to your followers or target audience.


For every social platform you are operating on, you’ll notice that there are different insights and analytics to measure. But believe me when I say Facebook is a different beast altogether! Facebook is very specific when it comes Reach vs Impressions.

It’s so important to monitor both your Reach and Impressions and tweak your content based on the numbers you see. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, experiment and try new strategies! Still confused? Just remember this – Reach is the total number of people who have seen your content and Impressions is the total number of times your content has been seen. Thinking you’d like some help with your social media marketing? Drop me a DM to schedule a consult call, and I’ll help you every step of the way.