5 Tips For Working From Home

January 6, 2022


So, your staff are back to working from home. How do you ensure you’re able to still successfully run your business and make sure your staff are working to the best of their ability? Here are our 5 top tips to get you and your staff through this working from home period!


  1. Designate your workspace.

Although we can all be tempted by the comfort of our beds or lounges but instead try to set up something a bit more formal. If you don’t have an office in your home an option would be to set up a makeshift desk at your kitchen table. Ideally, you want to keep the same privacy you receive in your office and be able to shut out any distractions. Ensure your makeshift office has all the necessary items you need throughout the day i.e., paper in your printer, laptop charger and stationery, this will limit the times you need to get up through the day! Need some WFH set up ideas?  – Pinterest has some incredible home office inspo! 


  1. Take your lunch breaks!

Just like you should at your office, take your lunch break! The most effective way to keep your normal routine is to replicate the same office day. This means taking your breaks at the same time you would at the office. Having the fridge and cupboard in arms reach can be so tempting, so we suggest packing your lunches and planning what you’re going to eat that day! Staying hydrated is also extremely important so make sure you’re having water throughout the day!


  1. Get ready for work.

Just like doing your work on the lounge, working in your pyjamas or track pants is going to make you feel like you aren’t really at work. Take the time to shower, get dressed in your work clothes and arrive at your desk 10 minutes early like you would any other day.


  1. Communicate

Ensure you are staying in contact with your team members throughout the day. Maintaining team morale is so important, especially whilst working from home. Using messaging platforms (we recommend using ‘Slack’) allows you to check in with team members and see what they’re up to. Messaging allows team members to ask for help and support when they need it.


  1. Make a to-do list! 

You can make a paper to-do list or there are plenty of apps/programs available online. We recommend using ‘Todoist’. Having a to-do list will assist you in keeping track of the day’s goals and ensuring you are using your time efficiently. Try writing the to-do list before you even start working and get all your thoughts out and focus on all the important points! We also recommend trying time blocking, this is an extremely effective way to get all your tasks done whilst working from home!


Our team is currently working from home, and we are implementing all these tips whilst we get through this tricky period! The bottom line is, working from home comes with many challenges but with a trusted team and hard work, we will all get back into the office very soon!


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