October 2, 2020


If there’s any type of social media buzz on the World Wide Web right now, then it’s probably about Instagram Reels, otherwise known as TikTok’s newest video rival. They a REEL-y hot right now!

The reason there’s such a high comparison between the two is because of the glaringly obvious similarity on their primary offering – to create and share fun and engaging short video content with other users.

So what is Instagram Reels, and how can you incorporate it into your marketing strategy? Let’s find out!

Instagram Reels is a brand new way to build your community organically and grow your reach on Instagram by sharing informative, creative and viral clips with your audience.

Here’s some ways you can use Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy:

  1. Create authentic content: Show your audience the less filtered, more human side to your business. By focusing on creating captivating and authentic content, you will in turn, build genuine relationships with your customers and strengthen your broader community.
  2. Share educational and valuable content: Create a reel that is entertaining, educational and inspiring, and your audience will keep coming back for more! For example, if you sell beauty products, you could share a reel showing an ideal morning skincare routine. Or if you’re a bespoke travel agent, you could dance to a fun song all while providing your top 5 places to visit!
  3. Showcase your products and/or services: As a business, this is your money maker. Instagram Reels provides you with a huge opportunity to drive awareness and sales from the platform. Just don’t forget to use hashtags and descriptive captions to let Instagram know what you’re talking about. This will increase your chances of being discovered and you may even pop up on the explore page.

Still scratching your head about the differences between Instagram Reels and TikTok? Well the content on both platforms is essentially the same, with lip-synching, pranks, dance competitions, various tutorials, and authentic looking music videos. They also have very similar video creation tools and features.

But here’s a quick rundown on the notable differences:

Instagram Reels

  • a new feature within a pre-existing app
  • 15-second video length limit
  • videos can be shared on your story (24-hrs), feed (permanently until archived) or both
  • primarily used to help businesses promote their products/services and raise brand awareness
  • limited range of music tracks available (not available at all for some accounts)


  • separate, stand-alone platform
  • 60-second video length limit
  • videos are automatically saved on your profile (permanently until archived)
  • primarily used for entertainment
  • much wider range of music tracks to choose from

Instagram could be the leading social media platform for generations to come. Will you give Instagram Reels for business a go? If TikTok’s rise to popularity is anything to go by, it’s definitely worth getting in on the action. And if you’re already using Instagram for your business, you can start as early as today. I think you’d be REEL-y silly not to!